dusk near Cuernavaca

dusk near Cuernavaca

Saturday, February 27, 2016


While Alejandro and I were in Columbus, Ohio, visiting my family, a group of us went out bowling.  It was the first time that Alejandro had ever bowled.  Considering that it was completely new to him, I don't think he did too badly.   He managed to get a strike and two spares, and he ended up with a score of 93.

I had not been bowling for five years, and it has been twelve years since I bowled on a league.  I was never a good bowler.  When I first bowled in junior high school, and then took bowling as a phys. ed. class in college, I threw more gutter balls than anything else.  After several years on a league, I got my average up to 135, and on occasion I would break 200.  My high handicap was actually a benefit to my team.

This time was like starting all over again, but I did find my mark a few times and made three strikes. I won the game with a score of 97.

Even though all of our scores were lousy, it was fun, and Alejandro enjoyed the new experience.


  1. I know its hard to believe, but we have a bowling alley in San Miguel and no, it is NOT the ex-pats who are playing. It's fun to stop in and watch everyone bowling. My parents were avid bowlers in Chicago when I was little.

    1. That IS surprising. There are some bowling alleys in Mexico City, although I have never seen one.