Oaxaca mural

Oaxaca mural

Monday, August 31, 2015

Packed and Ready to Go

Tomorrow afternoon I take off on another trip.  I fly to Newark and then take an overnight flight to Madrid, Spain.  I arrive in Madrid on Wednesday at 10 AM where the forecast calls for partly cloudy skies and a high temperature of 88F.  After a couple days in Madrid I travel to three cities in northern Spain where the long-term forecast predicts high temperatures in the upper sixties and low seventies.

One of the reasons that I decided to travel to Europe again this year is that my "Premier Silver" status on United Airlines entitles me to complimentary upgrades.  I was hoping to perhaps fly across the Atlantic in first class.  Unfortunately, I discovered that the upgrades do not apply to flights to Europe.  Oh well, it's still a good year to go to Spain with the dollar stronger against the euro.

My bags are all packed (I'm just taking carry-ons on this trip).  Today I will finish off the last items on my check list.

My next post will be from Spain!

¡Viva España!