dusk near Cuernavaca

dusk near Cuernavaca

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Summer of 2012 - Weisstannen, Switzerland

After viewing the last three posts on Switzerland, you might be asking, "Where are the mountains?"  It's true that the countryside around Othmarsingen and Zurich, while hilly, is not located in the High Alps.  I had not seen the kind of scenery that one associates with Switzerland.  To remedy that, Werner took me on a three day excursion into the mountains in the eastern part of the country.  He had reserved a room in a small hotel in a tiny, rural village called Weisstannen.  The area is very much off the heavily-trod tourist track.  There were no hordes of vacationers, just peaceful countryside, and lovely mountain scenery.  The hotel was a very simple place, nothing luxurious.  The rooms did not even have private bathrooms... you had to go down the hall.  But the place was clean and comfortable, and the price was very reasonable by Swiss standards.  Breakfast and dinner were included in the price, and the food was the best I had in Switzerland. 

(Image from the web)
Our hotel in Weisstannen

This is the only street in Weisstannen.
The landscape around Weisstannen
On our first full day in Weisstannen, Werner and I took a lengthy hike into the mountains.  It was about a four hour trek round trip.  The trail was well marked.  The climb was gradual and not overly strenuous.
Our goal was the base of the mountain in the distance (the curved peak with a bit of snow on its slope).

Beautiful scenery as we climb higher into the mountains
By the time we reached the base of the mountain, its peak was no longer visible.  It was hidden behind the high cliffs in front of us.  Spilling over the cliffs were three waterfalls. It was a truly beautiful spot.

After a day of hiking we were rewarded with a delicious dinner at the hotel... roast pork and potato salad.

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